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Divorce is never easy. For those in the middle of divorce proceedings, experienced representation is a must. Roven Law Group P.C. possesses years of experience at securing favorable divorce settlements for our clients. We navigate the emotionally-charged circumstances successfully and help our clients move on with their lives. Our divorce law experience includes ample expertise representing clients during attached child support battles. Still, our practice has more than legal experience at our disposal. Our attorney, Janice G. Roven Esq. combines her in-depth legal expertise with a compassionate approach that makes the proceedings easier for her clients. She has been described as a compassionate warrior. No matter which one of our legal professionals represents you, you can rely on us to deliver results.

What to Do When Pursuing a Divorce

If you’re divorcing your spouse, or debating on whether or not to go through a divorce, contact us. Once you do, we’ll schedule an initial consultation. This is a critical step because it allows us to get to know you and familiarize ourselves with your case. While we will ask you several questions, we make it a point to get answers to these crucial questions. Doing so allows us to form and efficient legal strategy moving forward. We will answer the following questions:

• Do You Have Grounds for Divorce? As of 2010, there are several grounds of divorce. “At-fault” divorce grounds include cruel and inhuman treatment, adultery, abandonment, and imprisonment. Additionally, courts consider the irretrievable breakdown of a relationship over at least six months a “no-fault” divorce.

• What Property Is Distributed During a Divorce? All property obtained by either or both parties during the marriage, before signing a separation agreement, or before the divorce action is initiated marital property. All marital property is subject to distribution between spouses.

• How Do You Find Hidden or Undisclosed Assets? In some cases, one spouse may have undisclosed monies or assets. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, 58% of spouses hide cash from their partner. We can hire forensic experts to document and retrieve these assets.

• What Are the Common Effects of Divorce? Divorces have automatic effects. For example, the disposition of property in a will is modified to exclude the divorced spouse. Additionally, life insurance, retirement plans, and pensions all sever ties with the other party.

• What Type of Divorce is Best for Your Situation? There are two types of divorces, contested and uncontested, and which kind we pursue depends on a variety of factors. We’ll weigh all of them and carefully explain the next steps.

Contact Us Today for Experienced Divorce Law

Our mission is to lead you through challenging times with strength, compassion and wisdom of experience. We use strength and compassion in equal parts to represent your interests during your divorce. If it involves child custody, visitation, and support, we’ll also make sure you can see your children and receive support from your spouse following the divorce. Call us today.