Family Law

Over 30 Years of Experience Dealing with Family Law Cases in New York City

Legal issues can entangle clients and complicate their life. It pays to have a compassionate and talented attorney who possesses the knowledge and expertise required to bring your case to a swift conclusion. Roven Law Group P.C. has years of experience acting on behalf of their clients, both at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. We know that each family is different. As a result, we personalize our legal approach to yours, ensuring you receive the best legal attention possible. No matter how challenging or fraught the situation, we’re level-headed and caring as we lead you through the process.

Our Comprehensive Range of Family Law Services

At Roven Law Group P.C., we provide a vast array of legal attention to our clients. Family law is often complicated and challenging to navigate. Fortunately for you, our attorneys have years of experience providing families with representation during trying and difficult times. Through the years, we’ve helped our clients achieve their desired outcomes, providing them with a path forward. Because these cases often include tension and conflict, we’ve perfected the art of remaining kind and level-headed. Family law is a broad specialty, and we have experience delivering results to clients dealing with any of the following:


 Child Custody, Visitation, and Support

 Enforcement of Court Orders

 Fathers’, Mothers’, and Grandparents’ Rights

 Legal Separation

 Orders of Protection

 Parental Alienation and Relocations


 Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Contact Roven Law Group P.C. for Legal Representation

Our lead attorney, Janice G. Roven Esq. has been where you are now. She experienced a custody battle as a participant, and her experience provides her with a unique perspective regarding family law cases. Even when family law disputes are amicable, it is essential to have a seasoned professional attorney by your side to ensure someone protects your rights as a spouse, parent, or grandparent. If you are involved in a dispute, don’t hesitate to contact Roven Law Group P.C. today.