Janice Roven: NYC Family Law Attorney

Janice Roven: NYC Family Law Attorney If you’re in need of a family lawyer in NYC, you want someone who is not only experienced but also empathetic to your unique situation. That’s where NYC family law attorney Janice Roven comes in. With over 35 years of experience handling New York family law cases, Janice and […]

NYC Divorce Lawyer: Protecting Your Interests

Divorce is never easy. It is a challenging time that can leave you feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. But, with the right legal assistance, you can make it through this difficult period and come out on the other side stronger. That’s where Roven Law Group, P.C. comes in. Our experienced divorce lawyer NYC trusts is here […]

Navigating Family Law in Tribeca: Your Comprehensive Guide to Family Lawyers and More

Family is at the core of our lives, providing love, support, and stability. However, even in the most tightly-knit communities like Tribeca, family issues can arise that require legal intervention. When facing such situations, it’s crucial to understand the role of family lawyers. This comprehensive guide will take you through the intricacies of family law […]

Divorce vs. Separation in Tribeca: Family Lawyers Helping You Navigate Your Choices

In the bustling neighborhood of Tribeca, the complexities of urban life often intersect with deeply personal matters, such as marriage, family, and relationships. When couples in Tribeca find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage, they may contemplate the options of divorce and separation. These choices come with unique benefits, considerations, and legal implications, making […]

Attorney Janice Roven Featured in Haute Lawyer

What happens to beloved furry family members when going through a divorce? Find out in the article below. Read the full article “Haute Lawyer Janice Roven Explains What Happens to Family Pets During a Divorce” here!

Families, Divorces, and COVID-19. How Will It Work?

Going through a divorce when children are involved is hard enough. Throw a global pandemic into the mix, and it can be a downright nightmare. In this article, Attorney Janice Roven talks about just a few of the issues that could arise during times such as these as well as what to/not do.

You’ve Made It Through The Holidays. Now What?

You’ve made it through the holidays, during a custody battle, in the middle of a pandemic. In Attorney Roven’s article, Janice Roven Presents: You’ve Made It Through The Holidays. Now What?, over on Hauteliving.com, she discusses that, now, is the perfect time to make plans on how you want to move forward with your family law case.  Read the article here for […]

Holidays – Can They Be Fun if You Are Getting Divorced?

A HOLIDAY DIVORCE Janice Roven has over 35 years of experience practicing law and has a deep level of understanding from both sides of the table when it comes to family law as a direct result of her unfortunate custody battle. Janice provides strength, compassion, and the wisdom of personal experience. Here, Janice Roven discusses the complexities of […]

What We Can Learn From The Gabby Petito Case

TAKEAWAYS FROM THE GABBY PETITO CASE Janice Roven has been practicing law for over 35 years. She became involved in the area of family law because of her own very unfortunate custody battle. As a result, she understands being on both sides of the table. She provides strength, compassion, and the wisdom of personal experience. […]