Is There A Good Time To Get Divorced

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Some people try to time their divorces to be less traumatic for their spouse and/or children. There are really no “good” or “bad” times of the year to announce that you are getting a divorce. Most people try to avoid advising their spouse that they want to get divorced between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Some people with children do it over the summer so as not to disrupt school. While that is certainly a legitimate concern it is disruptive to children regardless of the timing. It has been said that splitting up the family when the children are at camp can be traumatic for the children. They will be returning from camp to a new home or at the very least a new structure. Regardless of when it is done, a thoughtful conversation with the children should occur. If you are in therapy, you should have a conversation with your therapist about the best way to approach your spouse and your children. If you have children and they are in therapy, you should advise the therapist. Best of luck in the new chapter of your life.

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